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 If yes how often did you use it with your class?
 everyday 1 100%
 most every day 0 0%
 1-2 days each week 0 0%
 less than once a week 0 0%
 no regular pattern but I used it 0 0%
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Last year the band director from our middle school and I attended the TGW - Level I in Lexington and we had a great time!

Some Benefits I realized:
  1. completed all of our Professional Development hours for the whole year
  2. got a solid introduction to right hand classical technique - big obstacle for me
  3. worked on some fun songs!
  4. got enough quality, guitar-specific material for a whole year class
  5. had a lot of fun doing what we love to do
  6. got some very valuable accessories that proved needful as I launched my class
  7. was given a guitar - which I hear is not available this year
This is in my view a huge loss. At our school we have a class set of Yamaha classical guitars and I typically use steel string guitar to lead the class when I play. I did not use the freebie guitar in the way it was perhaps intended. Nonetheless that gift guitar really boosted my guitar class.  Here are some of the ways that it proved helpful everyday in class.
  1. 1st Quarter I had a special needs kid so I tuned it to open G so he could play bass lines and we didn't have to tune .
  2. 2nd quarter I carried it to class for a student who had a walking issue. We share the guitars between two classes. The band director has an 8thgrade guitar class and I teach an introduction class. The storage is in the band room.  I use a regular classroom and so my students fetch and return guitars everyday to make it work.
  3. I used it every quarter demonstrating the difference between classical and steel string guitars as we learned vocabulary for the guitar parts.
  4. 3rd and 4th qtr I began using some in class - It is the same make and appearance to the student guitars so it lends more credibility to the class instrument.
  5. I also play it to try to advance my right hand classical technique which needs a lot more work.
This year we are taking Level II and we are both looking forward to knocking out another year of PD. I thought I may need the college credit option (available for both Levels) and signed up for it but my certification cleared without it so I was promptly and professionally refunded the difference.

For those of you who rec'd a complementary guitar Did you find it useful in your class the very next year?

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So The article should be read first to make sense of the poll question.
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