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In preparation for the new school year, I've been doing a lot of perusing of this site and others in search of cool material for my kids this year. I've found a lot of songs that I want to work on with my kids, and have started pulling together materials. Like any music teacher, I want to do things on the up-and-up, but also don't have the budget to buy 30 copies of every fake book that has a song I want to use in it.

In my research, I've seen little to no discussion on guitar ed sites (at least that I've found) of the legality of using all of these great pop songs in class, particularly when it comes to making arrangements for our classes, tabbing out riffs, making chord sheets for popular songs, or even teaching things by rote. I know that the Little Kids Rock site calls everything "in the style of [song]," but that's really the only nod I've seen to copyright stuff. How legit is it to, say, hand out a sheet with the lyrics and chords to "Monster Mash" to play in class on Halloween, for example?  

Forgive me if this question is naive, but how are others dealing with this (legally) in their classrooms? 
Glen McCarthy

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This may help answer some of your questions:
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