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I just gave the first spring concert for our new guitar program. I have two beginner class sections, and we played some combined pieces as well as a lot of small group pieces. The concert was well received and the students had a good time with it. But I am always looking for ways to improve. What do you think are the elements of a truly successful class guitar concert? What are best practices?
Glen McCarthy

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If it's their 1st concert possibly an informal concert, something like a coffee house with snacks and drinks for the audience?

The setting of the concert is important. Playing in a gym the sound disappears. I always like churches where the acoustics are "live". If it's a large group having them play on levels ( like choral risers) help with the overall sound. 

In programming the concert I would start with a combined piece or pieces, then some smaller duo, trio, quartet groups and end with all playing together.

if you can afford it, group uniforms (even just t-shirts) add to the comraiderie of the group. 

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